5 Easy Steps to Calendaring Nirvana

Let’s make a laundry list of stuff I want to be able to do with my calendar.

  1. View and update calendar from my Palm, my laptop, and all my desktop machines, be they Linux, XP or OSX based.
  2. View and update calendar from the web.
  3. Interoperate somehow with Oracle Calendar, because that’s where all my work stuff lives.
  4. Work with the Palm’s PIM apps without crippling features like “To Do” list categories, etc.
  5. Avoid snafus inherent to calendar synchronization, i.e. duplication of events
  6. Work with a minimum of hassle
  7. Allows me to sync the Palm on my Mac.

That’s a tall order, and I don’t think I’ll be able to find a solution that does all of this perfectly. The challenge, then, is to find the best compromise of functionality, reliability and convenience.