The ongoing Oracle Calendar saga

Well, my initial efforts to use the Oracle Calendar SDK have been a resounding failure. I got everything installed, and was able to compile a “hello world” type program. However it appears that our calendar server is too old and crusty to work with the newer set of API functions, all of which have the prefix CSDK_. Apparently I need to use the old CorporateTime API, with functions that begin with CAPI_. Now, when I run nm * in the SDK library directory, it turns up a bunch of these functions, but I’m not sure they’re actually what I want, and I don’t have any documentation or sample code. I’ll search around, and give this one more shot, but I’m beginning to resign myself to the fact that this is going to have to be a partially-manual process, at least until we upgrade our calendar server.

On the same front, I started looking at what it would take to create my own .ics file which I could subscribe to with iCal. I started by creating a dummy calendar in iCal, publishing it, copying the published .ics file into /tmp on my linux box, and then unpublishing the file in iCal (which deletes it off the WebDAV server). I then edited the .ics file in /tmp, changed the name, copied it file back to the web server, and successfully subscribed to it with iCal. Apple sticks a GUID field, among other things, into its published .ics files, and I’m not sure how I’d generate one from scratch, so I’ll just use this file as a template and I’ll be able to build a .ics file that iCal will be happy with. So, making progress here.