Big Portal Launch Today..

Today’s the day where we launch our new myUMBC web portal, essentially turning it loose on the unwashed masses and making the world (well, the campus at least) our big, happy beta-test community. As part of this, we’re kindly leaving the old portal around for awhile, because we anticipate stuff will be broken. The new portal will live at, which (for now) the old portal currently occupies. That means that if we want to keep the old portal running, we have to move it to an alternate URL.

Now, our old portal has been active since 1999, at its current URL. It’s a big, old, bloated beast, and it’s very happy staying where it is. Getting this thing moved is somewhat akin to booting a 35-year-old freeloading kid out of the house. That is, you can be sure it will resist.

In this case, it was a tedious matter of chasing down all the references to the portal’s top URL, and making sure it gets changed everywhere it needs to. Then restart, wonder why it doesn’t work, and determine that the web server no longer has read access to the Webauth cookie. Then fix logout (it’s absolutely mandatory, when making any change like this, that logout stops working. It’s like death and taxes).

Great news is, it appears to work now. Off to fix some other stuff.