CGenericXSLT channels, parameters, and Local Connection Contexts

I’m a bit strapped for time today, but I did take a quick look at this, to see if it looks doable. In a nutshell.. I’d like to use a local connection context to do legacy authentication and obtain an encr string to pass to various legacy backed services. This would allow me to create RSS-type channels that link to authenticated services, so I don’t need to use web proxy channels for everything. Initially I’d use it to connect to external services like MAP/DN, but eventually I could actually have the legacy perl code handle the rendering for stuff like registration, and just re-skin it to look like uPortal.

I started out by seeing if I could pass an “encr” into the RSS and have it display conditionally somehow (we don’t necessarily want it appended to every link in the RSS feed). I came up with the somewhat hackish idea of using the RSS <category> element. If I give the item a category of “myumbcauth”, I can tweak the XSLT to look for that and append extra data to the link. Then, I can pass the actual encrypted string into the XSLT using a stylesheet parameter. This all works fine. The next challenge is getting the portal to set the appropriate parameter in the stylesheet. It looks like all of the channel runtime parameters are also passed in as stylesheet parameters (and in fact I was able to read one of them, baseActionURL), the question is, can I somehow add my own arbitrary param in there? Obviously this would have to be done somehow in the local connection context code. Anyhow, I got as far as that and now I have to run off and fight other fires, so I’ll have to come back to this later.