Relaunch day

First “real” test (i.e. University open for business, people hitting portal) for our re-launch of uPortal today. It went up Sunday.

Issue #1: I see that we still have the problem of the JVM going up to 100% CPU utilization occasionally. It was like that this morning when I signed on around 7:30am. Portal was still responsive. The problem went away when I bounced the Tomcat instance. I guess somewhere, a thread is going haywire or something. I learned how to get a thread dump under Tomcat: Send SIGQUIT to the JVM process, and Tomcat puts the thread dump in catalina.out. Next time it happens, I’ll see if this produces anything useful.

Well, the issue cropped up again, and I did a thread dump. It appears we’re getting hit with UP-1175. Somewhere there’s a corrupted layout with a circular reference, which is causing an infinite loop. They’ve fixed it for uPortal 2.5.x but there appears to be no fix for 2.4.x. Need to look into this a little further.. Other than that, things have gone pretty well so far today. Fingers crossed.