What a week

Timeline for last week:

Monday, April 3: Our second child, Andrew Charles, is born via c-section. Birth weight is 8 lbs, 4 ounces. Length 21″.

Tuesday, April 4, really early A.M.: Our older boy, Michael, comes down with the “Stomach Bug Of Death” (hereafter referred to as “SBOD”). Frequent projectile vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, and general unhappiness ensue.

Tuesday, April 4, late A.M.: our newborn has successful surgery to repair a minor abdominal wall defect. Much relief ensues.

Wednesday, April 5, A.M.: I take our still-ailing 3 year old to the doctor. SBOD diagnosis is confirmed. Treatment plan: Just give him fluids and wait it out. Fun fun.

Wednesday, April 5, Evening: Yours truly catches the SBOD.

Thursday, April 6, Morning: Grandma picks up Michael (who is slightly improved, as in, no longer puking his guts out) for the day, so that I can lie around all day groaning and hurling.

Thursday, April 6, Evening: I finally stop throwing up. Hurray. Michael spends the night at Grandma’s.

Friday, April 7, Morning: Feeling a bit better, finally up and about. Still not much appetite. I work a bit on getting the place ready for Mom and Baby, who are coming home the next day.

Saturday, April 8, Morning: Mom and Baby come home.

Saturday, April 8, Evening: Grandma’s turn to get the SBOD.

Sunday, April 9: I’m finally back to a normal diet and off the Immodium. Michael still has the runs. Mom and Baby doing great.

The fun never ends…