More on Coppermine

Still playing around with Coppermine, trying to set things up so that Cathy can have a separate login and still have the ability to upload and edit photos in the public albums. First, I tried setting her account up in the registered group. After a bit of fiddling and RTFMing, I was able to get it so that the account could upload to public albums. I had to

  1. Remove the disk quota from the registered group (group admin area, change default quota from 1024K to 0)
  2. Enable registered group to upload to public albums without admin approval (group admin area)
  3. For each album, go to the configuration page (go to album list and click “properties”). In properties, select “Visitors can upload files”

After I did that, I could upload pictures, but once uploaded, I couldn’t do anything further with them (like adding captions etc). So it looks like this isn’t the answer. That leaves me with two options:

  1. Add Cathy’s account to the administrators group; or
  2. Move all the albums to Cathy’s “personal” album space, so she “owns” them; then she should have access to them and I can access them through my administrator account.

For now, I’m going with option #1 because it’s the easiest.