Pool still covered

Yesterday was supposed to be the big pool-uncovering day, but it didn’t happen. The original plan was to open it early so I could get my coping project underway. But, yesterday it occurred to me that I could get started with the cover still on, and just pull the cover back to expose whatever area I happen to be working on. At that point it became a no-brainer: Leave the cover on for now and avoid the hassle of keeping the pool clean in late May when no one is using it.

I already had my help on the way over, so instead of uncovering the pool, we tackled the time-consuming job of scraping the old caulk out of the coping expansion joint. This was fairly easy to do with box-cutter type utility knives and plenty of sharp blades. However, on the decking side, it left a bit of residue because of the roughness of the concrete. I may try wirebrushing this area to get the last bit of caulk out.

Next up is to rent the big concrete saw and cut a true expansion joint (removing the caulk revealed that, as I expected, the joint is non-true around the entire perimeter of the pool). My current plan is to take a day off work and do it the week after Memorial Day. I’d like to get it done before my Vancouver trip; otherwise it’ll have to wait until June 10 at the earliest. Come to think of it, I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from doing it this week, either.. To deal with the dust, I’ll try duct-taping a tarp to the coping edge. With the cover still on, it’ll support the tarp and keep it from submerging. It might work.

I did my first water test yesterday, and surprisingly the numbers weren’t too bad: Free Cl 1.4, Combined Cl 0.2, pH 7.7, Alk 80, Hardness 170, CYA under 30. Water temperature was 63°. I’ll probably add some chlorine today.