Funny CVS Snafu

First the good news… we’ve decided to go to uPortal 2.5 for the fall, and switch from the buggy Aggregated Layout Manager (ALM) to the purportedly-much-better Distributed Layout Manager (DLM). I’ll be counting the days until ALM is history.

With that in mind, I pulled down a fresh copy of uPortal 2.5.2 and created a new CVS repository for it. Except CVS didn’t import the whole thing. I tried again: same results. It was omitting two directories from the distribution, both named core.

RTFM RTFM… Turns out that by default, CVS excludes certain filenames that it thinks don’t belong in repositories. ‘Core’ is among the blacklisted filenames, presumably because CVS is assuming that anything named ‘core’ is a UNIX core dump file. Except that these aren’t files, they’re directories. Hel-LO…!

Anyhow… here’s the command I ended up using to create the repository:

cvs import -m 'imported 2.5.2 source' -I '\!' portal/framework uPortal uPortal_rel-2-5-2

The -I ! option tells it not to ignore any filenames.

With that out of the way, onward we march to the brave new world of 2.5.x and DLM.