Tonight’s ride home

Only 3 degrees difference between this morning’s ride temperature and this evening’s (49 vs 46) but that’s where the similarities end.  Cold front came through during the day, flipped the wind around to the northwest, and dropped the humidity a bit.  The result was a more comfortable ride home.  I wore the same clothes as the morning.

Road conditions are finally starting to improve a bit.  Things were considerably drier than this morning, with the exception of a few pesky washed-out areas in the park.

My rear derailleur started doing “surprise” shifts this morning and it was a lot worse at the beginning of this ride, until I fiddled with the cable tension doodad.  I guess these new cables are still breaking in after a couple of months.  In any case, I’m switching to the fixed-gear for the rest of the week.  The fixie is really starting to grow on me, with its smooth-riding, low maintenance steel frame and no tempermental derailleurs to worry about.