So, unfortunately I bagged my last chance to bike yesterday before the big snowstorm.  Had to do a bunch of stuff around the house to get ready for the storm, and ran out of time to ride.  Looks like I’m going to be burning some cycles on the trainer over the next few days.  I don’t have a “winter” bike, and I have a feeling I’m really going to wish I had one this winter.  Next year I’m going to try to do something about that.  I would like to get sort of a “do anything” bike that I can take on roads, trails and occasional single track.  I’m not going to be doing hard-core technical single track or downhill riding, so I don’t see any need for a mountain bike with suspension.  I’m thinking about a cyclocross bike, except I would prefer to put disc brakes on it for riding in rain and snow.  The Soma DoubleCross DC frame looks really promising.  The Surly CrossCheck also looks nice, but lacks mounts for disc brakes.  Both are steel frames, so they should ride smooth and last a long time, and they have all the necessary mounts for racks and fenders.

I’m off for the rest of December, so I won’t be doing any more commuting till January, though I do hope to get some riding in once the roads are clear.