New route this morning

Yesterday evening’s ride was uneventful. I wore the same clothes minus the arm warmers. It was a few degrees warmer (around 28) and I probably should have shed the PolarTec top instead and kept the arm warmers. That’s what I did this morning, which was 27 with a bit less wind. I was comfortable for the most part, except my head got a bit sweaty and of course I had the requisite freezing toes after 40 minutes or so. They’re still thawing out as I type.

Today I rode down Lawyers Hill Rd and into the park via River Rd, then through the park on the Grist Mill Trail to Ilchester Rd. I then decided to try taking River Rd out to Frederick Rd, which proved to be unsuccessful. It was rideable out to a bit past the Thistle Rd intersection, then the road was blocked by county trucks doing whatever it is they like to do on River Rd. Rather than trying to squeeze around them, I doubled back, rode up Thistle Rd, turned left on Frederick, then right on Oella, then up Westchester and through Catonsville via Rockwell and Edmondson Aves. Total distance was around 13 miles, and it was a pretty good route which I will probably do again. In the past when I’ve ridden up Thistle, I’ve gone right on Frederick and ridden through the Oak Forest/Hilton Ave section of Catonsville. By comparison, today’s route was a few miles longer with less annoying traffic to deal with.