What a difference a month makes.  Today marked my 8th ride of March, eclipsing my total for the entire month of February.  Amazing how quickly the conditions improve as Spring approaches.  Now if we could just get rid of the pesky snow on the park access road, I could finally ditch the hiking boots and go back to clipless.

I managed to get two rides in on the road bike this week before switching back to the fixed-gear today.  Later this month I’m going to pick up a set of clip-on fenders for the road bike, so I can ride it in slightly wetter conditions.  Then for the summer, I may take the fenders off the fixed-gear and use the road bike with the clip-ons for days when storms are forecast.  In these parts, there’s really no need for full fenders during the summer..  they just rattle and get in the way.  But this time of year, they’re indispensable.