Still battling the virus I came down with this past weekend, which has now moved into my throat.  The good news is, it hasn’t kept me off the bike, though it is detracting somewhat from the overall excellence of the riding experience.  I switched to the fixed-gear this morning because there’s a threat of rain later (NWS says “mainly after 5pm”, but I’ve heard that before) and I wanted fenders.  It’s becoming clear that I’m going to need a set of fenders for my road bike if it’s ever going to see any regular use this spring.  So, this morning I ordered a set of Planet Bike “SpeedEZ” clip-on fenders to use with the road bike.  I’ll report back on them once I’ve tried them out, probably in a week or two, depending on how fast Amazon’s “super saver” shipping gets them to me.  My hope is that they’ll be easy to put on and take off without a lot of fiddling.