Seven Hills Lite

After hitting College Ave. yesterday, I rode on Landing Rd. today, which is sort of a scaled-down version.  Instead of seven steep hills, Landing Rd. has five somewhat less steep hills, and ends with a steep climb.  I figured I’d get my hill riding out of the way before I switch to the fixed-gear bike tomorrow, as neither of these two roads is much fun with only one gear.  While Landing Rd. is close to home, and provides a nice, direct route to the Ilchester Rd. entrance to Patapsco State Park, I still don’t ride it too often, because I’m usually not warmed up enough to want to tackle the hills.  For this and other reasons, I end up riding it more often in the summer than any other time of year.

This morning, I was able to ride in with summer clothes for the first time in 2010.  I’ve already taken several afternoon rides like this, but this will be the first day I can wear the same clothes for both the morning and afternoon rides.  Tomorrow looks to be a transitional weather day, with storms in the forecast as we revert back to seasonal temperatures on Friday.  Then it’ll be back to long sleeves and leg warmers.