Late September

This time of year always reminds me of that old Rod Stewart song.  I really should be back in school.

Steady drizzle for my ride to work this morning.  Whenever it rains this time of year, it’s always awkward figuring out what to wear.  The temperature this morning was in the mid 60s, which is too warm for a jacket.  I just end up sweating underneath it, which kind of negates its purpose of keeping me dry.  Shoe covers are another story; if it’s raining, they keep my feet dry in any temperature.  But to be effective, I need to wear rain pants to wick water over the tops of the shoe covers.  But the pants make my legs sweat more, and they’re more effective when used with a jacket, because the jacket covers my waist line and keeps water from seeping in through the waist band.  Today I ended up skipping the jacket and just going for a long sleeve jersey, hi-vis vest, rain paints, and shoe covers.  It wasn’t perfect, but it worked out.  We just need to get those morning temperatures down into the 40s, and then there won’t be any question how to dress for the rain.  🙂