Back in the saddle

After 2 weeks of business trips, I’m ready to get back into the riding routine.  I managed to sneak in a quick ride around the BWI trail on Monday.  I have today and Friday scheduled as vacation days, but I decided to go in today because it was a good excuse to ride my bike (and I also need to turn in my expense report).  I got an early Christmas present from Baltimore County today..  they re-paved the really bad section of South Rolling Road in Relay that I was always complaining about.  That was always my least favorite part of the commute home (it wasn’t as bad in the other direction, partly because it’s uphill), and I’m sure my rims weren’t crazy about it either.

We’re now officially back on Eastern Standard Time, which means my commutes home will be in the dark until around mid February.  My headlight is charged and I put a few extra blinkers on the bike, so I’m ready for it, but today I’ll probably skip out before it gets dark, as I’m not officially on the clock.