Out of shape

Here we are in 2011, another year of bike commuting.  I spent most of the Holidaze doing things other than riding.  As a result, I was a little out of shape for my first ride of the year today.  Hopefully, that’ll be short-lived.

I rode to work 174 times in 2010, eclipsing 2009’s total, which was my goal.  So this year, I’ll try to top 174.  We’ll see how it goes.  I was shooting for 176, but bagged riding in the final two workdays of the year due to snow and poor road conditions.  I figure that if I take vacations, business trips, and random days off into account, my ceiling in any given year is around 200 rides.  Whether I’ll ever actually hit 200 is anybody’s guess, but it’ll be fun trying.

I didn’t do any riding over the last 2 weeks, but I did spend some time working on my bikes.  My Masi Speciale Fixed, which handled most of last year’s rides, got a full tune-up and a new chain.  It still needs a new set of tires.  I’ve *almost* got the front derailleur on my road bike shifting the way I want.  And my ’93 Specialized Rockhopper got a new set of tires, and a set of fenders which I still need to put on.  Once the fenders are on, it’ll be road-worthy and will become my third commuter bike.  I replaced the old Onza tires with a set of Kenda Pathfinders.  The Onzas had a very aggressive tread pattern and weren’t very good on pavement.  The Kendas should be much better in this department, and we’ll see how they do with some light single-track too.