Wow, my hay fever is really kicking in.  My allergies used to be worst during the first half of June.  That seems to have changed over the past few years.  They’re now OK in June and bad in September.  I guess I’m getting less sensitive to grass and more sensitive to ragweed.

Today I rode into Patapsco State Park again, and checked out the section of the Grist Mill Trail between Ilchester Rd. and the Orange Grove Swinging Bridge.  This section was open again after being closed last week due to mudslide danger.  There were a couple of spots where previous mudslides hadn’t been cleared yet.  A mountain bike would have no problem getting through.  I elected to walk my road bike, and had no problem.  Past the bridge, there was a crew working with a backhoe to clear another mudslide.  Hopefully over the next day or so, they’ll work on getting the rest of the trail fully cleared.  The entrance road was a bit less muddy than Friday.  The river was a bit tamer than Friday, but still higher than usual.  I think I’ll be switching to my mountain bike for my next few rides through the park, until all of the washout has been cleared off the trail.  But in any case, at least it’s passable now.