Mileage milestone

I always find it noteworthy when one of my bike’s odometers turns over another thousand miles.  Given that I have three bikes that I ride regularly, it’s kind of a meaningless stat.  Nonetheless, it’s a good excuse to note where I was when it happened, go back over previous ride logs, etc.  Anyhow, this morning I hit 3000 on my single-speed.  It was on the way to work, likely on the Patapsco State Park entrance road near the South St. gate.  I say “likely” because I didn’t actually see it flip over to 3000.  I noticed I was at 3002 while I was riding up Selford Rd, around 2 miles from the park entrance.

It took almost a full year to log 1000 miles on this bike.  I hit 2000 back on December 13, 2010.  After being my go-to bike for 95+ rides in 2010, it was out of commission for a good part of early 2011 due to various issues, but lately it’s been seeing a lot of action again.

If I can ride on all 4 of the remaining work days in November (excluding today), I’ll finish up with 13 rides for the month, which will be a new November record.  The previous record of 12 was set in 2009.  I’m currently on pace to finish 2011 with 156 rides.  That’s significantly fewer than last year’s 174, but it’s still enough to to put 2011 in second place for total rides since I began keeping records in 2006.  Not too bad, given all the setbacks I had this year with injuries etc.