Happy New Year

Well it’s 2012, and I’m back to work, and by extension, riding to work.  My 2-week holiday break was great, and much needed, but it seems that the older I get, the less my body likes changes to its routine.  I don’t miss work much for its own sake, but I miss the day-in, day-out routine of riding to work every morning, riding home every evening, and eating regular amounts of food at regular times.

I managed to sneak in one ride during the holidaze this year.  I did a quick 24-mile ride out to BWI, around the airport, and back.  That’s one of my go-to routes when I have 1½ hours to spare.

January has started out on a wintry note, with this morning’s ride in the 20s, with wind and flurries, and tomorrow morning looking similar.  But it looks like another warming trend is on the way for the end of the week.  This winter has been amazingly warm so far, warmer than any I can remember.  It’s been so warm that I wonder if we’re going to get any snow or ice at all.  I trotted out the studded tires this morning due to the snow threat, but they have yet to be broken in on “real” ice in spite of being on my bike since mid November.  I guess we’ll see what the next two months have in store.