Crash Diet

So..  I lost a quick 5 lbs over the past weekend.  It’s all thanks to the amazing “stomach bug” diet.  The idea is, you catch the stomach bug one day.  Then for the next two days, immediately try to resume a regular diet as soon as you start to feel better, thus ensuring at least two relapses, and dragging the illness out three times longer than necessary.  It works great, except I’ve now missed 3 days of biking, while I attempt to regain my strength and get all of the (ahem) plumbing back in proper order.  With any luck, I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow, in time for “Bike to Work Day” on Friday.

It seems to me I used to shake these stomach bugs faster, but it might just be selective memory.  In any case, a couple days of the “BRAT” diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) seems to have done the trick.  I “probably” could have ridden to work today, but figured I’d give it one more day out of an abundance of caution.  Rain yesterday, heat today, and perfect weather predicted for tomorrow and Friday, didn’t factor into the decision at all..  honest.  🙂