Brew Notes

  • Beans: German St Coffee and Candlery Private House Blend
  • Grind: Medium-coarse – 2.5 turns on the JX (the recipe specifically recommends this setting). This is coarser than what I’ve used in the past with the AeroPress, but finer than what I usually use in the French press.
  • 90°C water
  • 13 grams coffee / 180 grams water (about 1:14)
  • One new paper filter (dry)
  • Recipe: 13g that makes you happy (inverted: add 30g water, stir 5x, top up to 180g at 0:30, stir 10x, flip at 1:30 and press very slowly, finishing at 2:30)

This recipe indeed made me happy. I followed it exactly, except I stirred 10x at 0:30 (which the recipe recommends if you want more extraction). It produced a cup that was well-extracted, not too weak, and not too strong. It was by far the best cup I’ve gotten from these beans using the AeroPress. One thing I noted was that the 30g of bloom water didn’t seem like quite enough to fully wet all of the coffee. I guess the initial stirring is supposed to take care of that. A little bit of coffee did get stuck to the stirrer, but went back in when I stirred again with the full volume of water. Whatever the case, it’s the end result that matters, and I really liked the cup. The true test, of course, is whether it will be good the next time I brew it. 😀