Yet another sweaty run this morning. We got ¾” of much-needed rain overnight, but one of the storms woke me up at 4:00am, and I was awake for about an hour. As a result, I slept late (for me) and didn’t get out the door for my run until around 9:00. It was humid (as usual) and by then, the sun was up, making the first half of the run feel kind of oppressive. The second half was better, as breeze and a low cloud deck had rolled in. I ran 9 miles, and was out of water by about mile 7.5, underscoring my need for greater water-carrying capacity if I’m going to be taking longer runs in these conditions. I also need to invest in some moisture-wicking short sleeved running shirts that fit me a little bit better than the ones I currently have. Most of my athletic tops are rather loose fitting, which works well for certain activities, but in these conditions, they get really heavy with perspiration and start to chafe after a while. I guess I have some ideas for my Christmas list. The good news is that I seem to have figured the lower half out — I’ve been wearing moisture-wicking running tights over boxer briefs for all of my runs, and have not had any issues with chafing or heat rash “down there” for the entire summer. My favorites are my two pairs of REI Swiftland shorts, but I have a pair of Rabbit shorts that I like as well.