Two-cup pourover

  • Beans: “Organic Breakfast Coffee” light roast (Ethiopia)
    • Roaster: Rise Up Coffee Roasters (Easton, MD)
    • Roast date: 10/12/2023
  • 32g coffee / 500g water (1:15.6)
  • JX: 2 rotations (20 on the grind chart / 60 total clicks)
  • Water at 99°C
  • Recipe: The Ultimate V60 Technique (steps below)

I picked up a size 2 plastic V60 dripper last week, and tried it out this morning. Until today, I had only used my (ceramic) size 1 dripper to brew a single cup at a time. I don’t have a fancy insulated carafe, so I brewed into a 16oz Hydro-Flask tumbler with a closable press-in lid. This worked well — the lid can be closed to keep the coffee hot, and when open, the coffee pours easily and without dripping. Also, the plastic V60 doesn’t need a lot of preheating, so there was no need for the Fernco hack that I use to preheat my ceramic V60. I just put the filter into the dripper and ran some water from the insta-hot tap through both.

My hand grinder only has capacity for about 20g of beans, so I had to grind twice. I did this by putting the grinder on the scale, zeroing the scale, grinding 20 grams, zeroing again, and grinding 12 more grams. I poured the beans directly into the grinder, but I think going forward, it will work better to pre-weigh the 30g all at once into a separate container. If I end up brewing this amount regularly, it might make sense to invest in a higher-capacity (electric?) grinder.

Here are the steps I used:

  1. Heat water; grind coffee; pre-rinse filter and pre-heat dripper
  2. Add coffee grounds to V60 and create a well or indentation in the middle
  3. Start timer and add 60g water (the recipe specifies to add 2x the coffee weight, but this seemed close enough)
  4. Swirl until evenly mixed and bloom for 45 seconds
  5. At 0:45, add water up to 300g total (60% total weight), finishing at 1:15
  6. At 1:15, pour the remaining 200g slightly more slowly, finishing at 1:45
  7. Stir 1x clockwise and 1x anticlockwise with a spoon (to knock grounds off the sides)
  8. Allow V60 to drain a little bit
  9. Swirl gently
  10. Wait for drawdown, which should hopefully finish by 3:30

The first thing I noticed was that, compared with my one-cup method, this method mantained a much higher water level in the V60 throughout the brew. With these beans at this grind setting, the drawdown finished at around 3:10. I then put the cap on the Hydro-Flask, preheated my ceramic mug, and poured myself a cup. If I were to compare, I think it turned out a little bit better than with the 1-cup method. It was definitely on the strong side, which makes me wonder if the extra water in the V60 is leading to better extraction of the beans. I think I’ll cut it back to 30 grams of beans next time. I’m also curious whether my experiences with this method will eventually lead to any modifications to my 1-cup method. I’ll see how things go after I’ve done this a few more times.