Rain Run

We appear to be back in a rainy weather pattern for at least the next several days. When it’s wet or rainy out, and I want to go running, I’ve always focused on trying to keep my feet dry. Vibram FiveFingers with toe socks do not work — the water ends up soaking through the socks, and my feet get cold. I’ve also used my Xero Terraflex hiking shoes (particularly in the winter) and they work well with wet pavement, but not rain, as they aren’t fully waterproof. The only truly waterproof shoes I currently own are my Altra Lone Peaks, and while they’re fantastic for mountain biking, I find them too heavy and bulky for running. Xero makes a waterproof trail shoe, as does Vivobarefoot ($$$), and either of those might eventually be an option. Today, though, I decided not to bother trying to keep my feet from getting wet. Instead, I wore the Vibrams with heel cups and no socks. I ran 9 miles with the temperature in the low 50s and off-and-on drizzle. My big worry was that my feet would freeze, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I noticed kind of a wet suit effect: the insides of the shoes got wet almost immediately, but thanks to body heat, the water never felt uncomfortably cold. It was definitely more comfortable than wearing the Vibrams with socks, although it likely wouldn’t work in really cold weather. I’d be interested to see how it works with temperatures in the 40s. Rounding out my wardrobe were calf compression sleeves, running shorts, long-sleeve athletic top, Gore-Tex running shell with hood, and Sweathawg head band. Most of my shorts have leg pockets which I use to stash my phone, but today, I used a small lumbar pack which fits underneath the shell, and it did a good job keeping my phone dry. Running without socks is going to require that I wash the Vibrams more frequently, but overall, this seems like a good option for rainy days during the warmer months of the year.

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