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  1. Hi Paul,
    I found a really old post of yours about Portal meltdowns. I think I am experiencing the exact same thing with our portal – sbceoportal.org. I know it was three years ago, but do you remember what was causing the problem? I am seeing the same messages about the pool of database connections being exhausted, etc, but this is our least busy time of year. I am going to try some of the things you mentioned in your post to troubleshoot, but just wondering if you ever figured it out and what it was. At the end of August we will have a lot of teachers and students wanting to use the site and I am slightly freaked out! 🙂

    The post I am referring to is here:

    We are running uPortal 2.5.3 with Tomcat 5.5, Sun Java 1.5, on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn box.

    Thanks so much for any leads on this!

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