Dark Roast AeroPress Recipe

This has yielded pretty good results with a couple of different dark roasts. It is adapted from An AeroPress Recipe by Tim Wendelboe. The following seems to work well as a starting point:

  • Brew ratio of 1:12.5, which works out to 18g coffee with 225g water or 20g coffee with 250g water. The latter is about the max capacity of the AeroPress+Prismo without using bypass water.
  • Water at 85°C
  • Steep time of 1:30 to 1:40
  • JX grind setting 12 to 16 (36 to 48 clicks)
  • Use an insulated mug like a Hydro Flask, with a lid


  1. Set AeroPress up in standard orientation with Prismo and metal filter. Optionally, add a paper filter in front of the Prismo filter for a “cleaner” cup
  2. Add ground coffee
  3. Start timer and add all of the water, finishing at around 0:35, and stir several times back to front
  4. Cover AeroPress to minimize heat loss. I typically use whatever is on hand, such as the lid for my mug. I don’t use the plunger for this when brewing with the Prismo.
  5. Steep the coffee– e.g., if the pour took 0:35 and we are steeping for 1:35, then steep until the timer reads 2:10.
  6. Stir several times back to front again
  7. Insert plunger and press slowly, using just enough pressure to keep the Prismo valve open
  8. Put lid on mug immediately to retain heat

TBD: Instructions for brewing without the Prismo (standard cap and paper filter)

Brewing notes for specific beans