Don’t look now

..  but it’s February again.

I wrapped up January with 17 rides.  The original goal was 20, but I missed the last 3 days of work for the month.  Part of the blame goes to a stomach bug I came down with this past Monday.  That’s testimony to how hard it can be to ride consistently in winter — if the weather doesn’t get you, illness will.  17 rides still sets my personal record for rides in January, though, and it actually ties my number of rides for January and February combined from last year and 2009.

That brings us to February, which is my cursed month.  I’ve never had a year where I rode more than 7 times in February.  It doesn’t seem like it’d be hard to do, but something seems to happen every year to keep me from riding in February.  In 2010, we had Snowmageddon, and I was actually lucky to get 7 rides.  Last year, I started off strong but wiped out on the ice on Feb 8, which killed the rest of the month, leaving me with only 4.  It seems like if ever there was a year to break the curse, it’d be ever-balmy 2012 (today’s predicted high is 68°).  But I’m not holding my breath until I finish ride no. 8.