Next year’s pool project

I’m already thinking about next year’s pool project, and I haven’t even started this year’s yet…

For next year, I’m considering adding an automatic chlorine feed using a chemical metering pump, similar to the setup described here. The main goals of the project would be:

  • Save work;
  • Save money on chlorine by matching the supply more closely with the demand;
  • Provide a continuous feed of sanitizer, thereby eliminating the need for cyanuric acid in the pool.

If I go ahead with this, I’ll probably also move the pool’s electrical controls indoors, which I’ve always wanted to do for convenience more than anything else. I’d also need to run a dedicated 110VAC circuit to power the metering pump, so while I’m at it, I’ll install a convenience outlet near the pool equipment. Right now, I only have 220VAC there.

The metering pump can be had from Grainger for around $300, but I’m watching eBay to see if I can get a new one cheaper.

I’ll add random notes to this entry as I think about this one.