Back from Vancouver

Welp, faster than a blink, I’m back from Vancouver. Unfortunately, on my second night there I came down with this nasty GI thing that dragged me down for the rest of the trip. I managed to get out and do some walking along the Coal Harbor Seawall and in Stanley Park. But, my planned recreational activities were severely curtailed. The conference was good, although I missed a couple of meals and sessions due to the illness. Bummer.

Verdict on American Airlines is neutral. check-in difficulties and a delayed connecting flight on the way out were offset by a perfectly smooth trip home.

Hopefully, JA-SIG will continue to have occasional conferences in Vancouver. Next time, I’d like to take the whole family.

Anyhow, now I’m back home and back to the daily grind. I’m slowly working through my beer stash. Tonight I tried Magic Hat Humble Patience, which purports to be an Irish Red. It’s a very good beer, but it seems a little chocolaty for an Irish Red. Then again, I very rarely drink this style (it’s not as common as other styles around these parts), so I’m not really an authority on it. Wharf Rat used to brew one; maybe I should get out there and try one for comparison.

Magic Hat is all over the place around here. It’s interesting that it’s so ubiquitous, given that it’s brewed in Vermont. They must have a very good distributor network..