Back in Vancouver

Well, here I am in lovely Vancouver, BC again. Today is my free day, and it looks like my hopes of hiking/sightseeing are going to be dashed, because of a steady drizzle. Oh well, I guess I’ll try to squeeze something in Tuesday evening, when the conference is over and the weather forecast looks more promising. As for today, well, I guess I can get some work done..

So I’m here at this Comfort Inn for another few hours before I take the bus downtown to the conference hotel. Here’s a good one.. At the Comfort Inn, I have complementary wi-fi here in my room. At the conference hotel, which costs three times more per night than the Comfort Inn, I (well, UMBC actually) have to pay $14.95CAD/day for internet access in my room. What’s wrong with this picture?

Now, the Comfort Inn is not fancy, nor is the area it’s in, but the room is clean and perfectly adequate and the wi-fi is nice. For the price, it’s a great value and I’ve always been a fan of the chain for that very reason.

Today’s agenda is… get breakfast, sit around and watch it rain, head over to the conference hotel, sit around some more and watch it rain, and figure out what I’m doing for meals. Maybe I’ll check out the fitness room at the Westin. I think my biggest regret is going to be not bringing an umbrella. Sigh..