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A smorgasbord of various topics today.

I biked in for the first time since 6/21 today. A week of bad weather at the end of June, followed by a 5-day Independence Day weekend, then more unsettled weather the following week, all combined to keep me off the bike for awhile. Our boiler job starts tomorrow, which will potentially affect later rides this week, so I figured today was do-or-die if I’m going to get back into a routine. So, I did.

I also signed up for online bill-payment through our brokerage, now that they’ve kindly made it free. I haven’t used a bill payment service since the late 90s, and I’ve heard they’ve come a long way. I hope to try it out later in the week — I need to wait for some material to arrive snail-mail first.

And, lastly, I’m going to do a bit of computer shuffling..


Currently, I have

Name Location CPU OS RAM Disk Use
sonata office P4 2.4ghz Linux 512mb 150gb Desktop
concerto office P3 450mhz Linux 576mb 8gb Server
doze office P3 700mhz Windows XP 384mb 20gb Windows Desktop
snorkelwacker home P2 300mhz Linux 384mb 16gb Server

Now that I’m running Remedy on a centrally-maintained Windows 2003 server, and I’ve switched from SQL Navigator to Oracle SQL Developer, I no longer need a full-time Windows desktop in my office. I actually will only need Windows when I’m watching my son, so he can play games. So, I’m thinking I’ll take the 700mhz box, add some memory to it, and make it my office server box. It’ll run Linux full time and dual-boot into XP on the rare occasion that Michael is here. Then I’ll take the 450mhz box home, make it my home server, and put my ancient 300mhz box out to pasture. That will buy me a bit of extra performance at home, and more memory (the 300mhz box is maxed out at 384mb).

For the future, I’m moving away from Linux on the desktop in favor of OS X. So, my next new desktop computer will most likely be a Mac, which will then free up the 2.4ghz box. Then, the bubble-down process will begin again. Fun fun!

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