3 cheers for backward compatibility

Well, we finally upgraded our calendar server last night, from old-and-crusty Steltor CorporateTime to its successor, new-and-shiny Oracle Collaboration Suite. And, kudos to Oracle, as it looks like they’ve kept it backwards-compatible with the old CorporateTime API. That is, my homegrown OracleCalendar-to-iCalendar exporter thingy is still working. That’s nice, because I’ve come to depend on it, and this means that I won’t need to spend lots of time fixing it. Things are a little busy here right now, so if it had broken, it probably would have stayed broken for awhile.

Once things slow down, and I can revisit this, I bet I can make it work even better with the newer APIs now. Actually I may not need to use the APIs at all any more, as OCS supposedly supports CalDAV. In the meantime though, I’ll very happily continue to use the stuff I already have.

Oh, and a few days ago, I installed MediaWiki. I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. Read about my recent trials and tribulations with PHP iCalendar.

Party on…

2 thoughts on “3 cheers for backward compatibility

  1. I’ve been looking around to see what I could find related to iCal and Oracle, and though I’ve found a lot of one-way applications out there, I am not quite finding what I am looking for.  You seem to be the person at UMBC who would know the most about it.  If you get a chance to do any development and want a guinea pig, I am more than willing to give a hand.

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