Ride notes

So, I’m starting my second winter season commuting by bike, so I figured I’d use the blog to record notes on my rides, including clothing I wore, which bike I rode, etc.  The idea is to get a better sense of what works best in different weather and road conditions.  So here goes.

First sub-freezing morning ride today (28°).  Partly cloudy conditions with twilight at the beginning of the ride and sunlight at the end.  A glaze of snow, mostly in shady grassy areas, left over from the snowfall at the beginning of the weekend.  Some wet spots on the road, and a bit of ice here and there, but not too much.

Took the fixed-gear bike and rode through Patapsco State Park on the Grist Mill Trail.  Total distance a little under 15 miles.  Trail was actually in better shape than I expected 2 days after a snowfall.  Ilchester foot bridge had a glaze of snow and ice, so I got off and walked over.  A few puddles here and there that I rode through slowly (no fenders), but other than that, no problems.

Clothing: arm warmers, polyester athletic t-shirt, “Under Armour” long sleeve athletic top (mostly polyester), Performance “transformer” shell/windbreaker, thermal tights, wool socks, neoprene toe covers, neoprene shoe covers, REI helmet liner, medium weight cycling gloves.  This was comfortable for 90% of the ride.  Feet starting to get cold toward the end.