Today’s ride home..

It was around 40 degrees for the ride home.  Left at 4:45 and had a little bit of light for the first half of the ride.  Wore exactly the same stuff as the morning, minus the arm warmers.  This would have gotten a bit warm if the ride had been longer, but it worked for the approx 8 mile trip home.

So, this is the first time I’ve ridden the fixed gear bike with shoe covers, and the right foot is a little too close to the crank arm, to the point where I can feel the crank when I’m pedaling.  I’m hoping I can correct this by adjusting the cleat.  My right foot is slightly larger than my left, so I occasionally have problems like this.  But I don’t have the problem on my geared road bike, so the cranks obviously have something to do with it too.  Both bikes have identical pedals (Look Keo) and I ride them with the same shoes.