Yesterday’s return ride

Overcast/41.  Same clothes as the past 2 or 3 rides.  Fairly comfortable.  The big story with this ride was around 3 in the afternoon when I realized I had left my headlight on the other bike.  Fortunately I keep a mini “Mag Lite” flashlight in my rack trunk, so I strapped it to the handlebars with a couple zip ties and rubber bands, and it was my stand-in headlight for the ride home.  It’s really not bright enough, but I know the roads, and I have a front LED blinker for visibility (ironically, I remembered to move the blinker over from the other bike, but not the headlight).  So it was enough to get me home.  Ideally it’d be nice to have a brighter LED flashlight that’s about the same size as the Mag Lite..  that would give me a brighter emergency headlight if this ever happens again (or if the “real” headlight ever stops working on me).