This morning’s ride

Wow, where to start with today’s ride.  Upper 30s with a 15-20mph west wind.  Same clothes as Monday 12/7 morning (including arm warmers).  I was comfortable in these clothes, but the real story was the wind and mud.  I took Montgomery out to New Cut Rd, which was uneventful except for a head wind.  New Cut dumps me out on Main St in Ellicott City, and at that point I have the choice of taking Oella Ave and going through Catonsville, or taking River Rd and going through the park.  Oella is kind of hilly, and I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic this morning, so I chose River Rd which turned out to be a mistake.  River Rd apparently flooded out during the rain we had Tuesday night into Wednesday, and while it was rideable, there were a lot of muddy, washed out sections.  There was also mud in spots on the Grist Mill trail, and lots of standing water, runoff and debris pretty much everywhere.  My bike ended up looking like I had just taken it through a cyclocross course.  It’s covered with mud and also making lots of unhappy squeaking noises.  This weekend it’s getting a thorough cleaning.

When it wasn’t muddy, I was fighting a strong head wind heading west through Relay and Arbutus.  Taking Oella would have avoided most of this, too.  Of course, if I had taken Oella, I’d be complaining about having no energy during all the endless hill climbing, blissfully unaware of all the mud and wind I was avoiding.

The ride home tonight may be a little chilly, but at least I remembered my headlight this time..  🙂

2 thoughts on “This morning’s ride

  1. On this route, you might also consider the No. 9 Trolley trail through Oella to Edmondson Ave. rather than Oella Ave. Its not as steep and gets you to the same place. (Take the second left after the bridge over the river on Westchester and the trail starts just past the row of duplexes on the left.) You can’t ride as fast as on the main road because there may be walkers etc. but then its uphill anyway, just more gradual than the roads.

    1. Good tip, thanks. I’ve been on that trail several times, mainly walking, but I always seem to forget it’s there when I’m on the bike.

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