Winter’s here

Yesterday’s 5pm ride:  Same gusty west wind as the morning, temperature around freezing.  Bundled up a bit more than I ordinarily would for low 30s because of the wind.  Top:  Short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, PolarTec pullover, hi-vis windbreaker.  Head: fleece headband, REI helmet liner/balaclava.  Hands: mid-weight winter cycling gloves.  Legs: thermal tights.  Feet: wool socks, road bike shoes, toe warmers, neoprene shoe covers.  8-mile ride home.  A little sweaty at the end, but felt like I was dressed appropriately for the conditions.  The ride was comfortable and my feet didn’t have long enough to get cold.  My STI shifters are starting to miss shifts occasionally.  Last winter I fixed that by squirting WD-40 inside the shift lever mechanisms, so it may be time to do this again.

Today’s morning ride: Colder but not as windy.  Around 23 with a wind chill of 14.  Wore the same clothes as yesterday evening and, again, ended up sweaty but comfortable after an 8 mile ride in.  Took the fixed-gear.  There was a bit of ice here and there where the runoff had frozen overnight, particularly in the park.  Nothing too treacherous, but I will need to look out for it later when it’s dark.