Friday evening

Friday evening ride: 33, clear and breezy.  Same clothes as the morning ride.  Quick 8 mile ride home.

Today I spent a couple hours cleaning Thursday’s muck off the road bike, degreasing stuff, etc. so it’ll be ready for the coming week.  Will likely need it at least tomorrow because I’m expecting the roads to be wet.  Love the master link on my new chain…  I don’t need a chain tool to take the chain off the bike any more.  Made the job go faster.

This year, I’ve started keeping several changes of clothes at the office, so I don’t have to carry clothes on the bike every day.  I am really happy with how this is working out.  Sometimes, I’ll shoot over to the office over the weekend to drop the clothes off while I’m running other errands.  Other times I’ll designate one day a “cargo hauling” day, strap on a backpack and extra pannier, and carry everything on the bike.  It all depends on the weather, how much extra gear I’m bringing (cold weather usually means more cycling gear), etc.

Looking forward to another week of bike commuting.