Today’s ride home

The ride home today was around 10 degrees warmer than the morning ride.  I shed the extra layer of socks, PolarTec top, and head band.  It was a fairly comfortable ride.  I rode into the park to check the road conditions, with the expectation that I would have to hike the River Rd access road.  The roadways inside the park were more-or-less clear, but down to one lane in spots.  The access road had about an inch of snow covering it.  I was able to bike a good bit of it, thanks to the fixed-gear, which gives me a lot better sense of control on slick surfaces.  I did have to hike the uphill section.  Not surprisingly, the Look cleats don’t work too well when packed with snow.  I could get them to clip in, but I had to tap some snow out of them before they would stay clipped in.  Not great, but better than my old Wellgo cleats, which I had to clean out with a screwdriver before they would even engage the pedals.

For tomorrow, I switched the Looks out for some toe-clip pedals, and I’m going to see how it goes riding these with my hiking boots.  At least I know the snowy sections will go better.  Next year, I hope to have a cross bike that I can ride in the snow.