More on toe clips

I switched footwear for the ride home today.  Instead of hiking boots, I wore an old pair of suede high-top lined shoes that I had lying around the office.  They fit in the toe clips a lot better than the boots, so the ride home was more comfortable.  They’re not weatherproof, so I wouldn’t want to wear them in deep snow or really wet conditions, but they worked fine in a pinch.

I forgot what a PITA it is to get into a toe clip with the bike moving.  It’s even harder on a fixed-gear with the pedals moving.  I’ll never complain about my Look pedals again.  They’re an absolute dream in comparison.  I’m hoping the Power Grips will be easier to use in this department.  I’ll report back when I get around to picking up a pair.

For the long term, I may want to consider getting some cycling specific boots too.  Shoelaces and bike chains are not always the best combination.

I may switch back to the clipless pedals for tomorrow’s ride..  other than River Rd, there’s not much snow left in the park, and it’s supposed to warm up into the 40s, which will melt more of it.