Morning Ride Notes

Took a 15 mile ride in today, and the roads/trails have improved enough that I was able to stay clipped in for the entire ride.  That doesn’t happen very often in January.  Weather conditions were almost identical to yesterday morning, except with a bit more of a breeze.  I switched back to clipless pedals with two layers of socks, and my feet still got a little cold, but I think the extra layer of socks kept them warm a little longer.  On the top I wore a long sleeve “Under Armour” shirt, PolarTec top and windbreaker.  This was still just a touch on the warm side.  I think I need something slightly lighter than the PolarTec to wear when it’s in the 20s, I’m just not sure what yet.  It might be as simple as just taking off the windbreaker.  The combination of windbreaker and PolarTec top seems better suited for temperatures in the ‘teens and lower.