Tale of Two Rides

No work for me this week, but I took advantage of the good weather and rode yesterday and today.  Yesterday I took the fixed-gear out for a 30 mile ride around the BWI trail and Patapsco State Park.  It was the longest ride I’ve taken in quite a while..  my maximum one-way commute is around 18 miles, and I don’t regularly take longer weekend rides.  The Grist Mill Trail was about as washed-out and muddy as I’ve ever seen it after the drenching we got on Saturday.  It was bad enough that I wouldn’t have ridden it had I known its condition.  But, I survived.

Today I had a few things to pick up at the office, and I had a 4-year-old in tow, so I did the logical thing, put him in the kiddie trailer, and rode to the office and back with him, plus a stop at the playground.  It was great fun for all involved.  Total round trip was around 16 miles, and it was probably twice the work it would be sans trailer and child.  Lots of other folks out on bikes today..  must be getting close to Spring or something  🙂