Back in the Saddle

Back on the bike this morning after an extremely unhealthy, but fun, weekend in Buffalo watching NCAA tournament games.  I brought home a sore throat and slightly runny nose, and was dragging a bit this morning.  I have a standing rule: if I’m too sick to bike to work, I stay home.  Faced with a choice of taking a sick day or getting on the bike, and itching to start working off some of the past weekend’s excesses, I decided I was fit enough to ride.  I took an 11.5 mile route in, including a loop through Patapsco State Park.  It was a pretty good ride, other than a slight lack of energy and the usual sweaty-clammy feeling that accompanies a low grade virus.  Hopefully whatever I have won’t develop into anything worse.

Inside the park, the Grist Mill Trail was in better shape than it was a week ago after flooding out.  There was still some mud on the trail, as well as some low hanging branches and a lot of rocks in one spot.  Not too road-bike friendly, but I was able to get through it OK.  I haven’t checked out the portion of the trail between the swinging bridge and Ilchester Rd, but will likely do that later this week.