Spring Routine

One of the things that makes winter riding so much fun, is the daily challenge of figuring out what to wear, what equipment to ride with, what gear and clothing to pack, etc.  When the weather warms up, the daily commute becomes much more routine, and dare I say, repetitive.  It’s been hard to find anything noteworthy to write about my recent rides.  The mornings are still cool, and my typical morning garb recently has been: long sleeve jersey, jacket, shorts, leg warmers, and toe covers.  On warmer mornings, I’ll skip the toe covers and maybe zip the sleeves off my jacket.  Then in the afternoons, I’ll ditch the leg warmers, jacket, and toe covers, and switch to a short sleeve top if it’s warm enough.  In a few weeks, it’ll be warm enough that I’ll just ride with shorts and short sleeves all the time.  That, of course, is the beauty of summer rides – dressing for them is quick and brainless.