Just when the rides were getting boring, Mother Nature throws a curve ball.  We had showers overnight, and a brief torrential downpour around an hour before my ride.  Ordinarily it would be a no-brainer to wear full rain gear, but it was 70° out and insanely humid.  Good thing the sun wasn’t out, or it would have been really oppressive.  By the time I left for work, it was down to a weak drizzle, with really wet roads.  I ended up wearing rain pants and neoprene shoe covers over shorts, and a short sleeve shirt with a sleeveless reflective (non-waterproof) vest.  In these conditions, rain pants and shoe covers are invaluable for keeping dirty road spray off my legs and feet, but a rain jacket provides diminishing returns, because there’s a certain point where I get wetter from sweating underneath the jacket than I would from the rain.  All in all, I’d say I made the right call on clothes.