July finally over

Well..  a truly miserable July, the hottest in recent memory, is finally over.  Let’s see what August has in store.  I finished July up with roughly 15 rides.  I say “roughly” because I’ve gotten kinda lazy with keeping ride stats lately, and sort of forgot to record any of my rides after July 14.  So I went from memory and couldn’t remember how many days I rode the rest of that week.  It could be argued that that is a good thing, as it indicates that my riding has become more of a routine, and less of a “novelty” where I feel like I need to record stats.

Despite the heat, I conveniently managed to avoid riding on some of the hottest days of the month, particularly last week, where I vacationed in the somewhat-cooler midwest, while temperatures here were in the triple digits.  I did have to ride home once when it was 100 degrees, but it was a dry heat, and in spite of the “blast furnace” nature of it (at 100 degrees, it no longer feels cool riding downhill, in spite of the air movement), it was actually more comfortable than riding at 90 degrees with high humidity.

Been doing most of my riding on the fixed-gear bike the past few weeks, which is atypical for the season.  It’s been mainly out of convenience..  I’ve needed the fenders for a few rides, and haven’t wanted to deal with switching bikes on the other days.  I really think I’m going to need a third bike for the colder months, preferably one that can ride off-road and in snow.  Not sure if it’s going to happen for this winter, but I’d definitely like to have one for 2011-2012.