Dog Days

Yet another morning riding in the August soup.  The beginning of the week was hot-and-sunny soup, and the past 2 days have been damp-and-cloudy soup with the requisite messy storms mixed in.  I biked to work 4 days out of 5, shrewdly taking off on Tuesday, which was the hottest day of the week.

This morning I headed out Montgomery Rd and down Bonnie Branch Rd, only to find it blocked by a downed tree not far from the intersection with College Ave.  I would have tried to squeeze around it, if not for the truck on the other side of it, presumably there to attempt to remove it.  So I doubled back and took Ilchester Rd instead, cutting back to Bonnie Branch via Beechwood Rd.  I’d say it added around 3 miles to my ride.

I remember around this time in February, I was pining for summer and wondering if I’d ever get to shed all the winter gear and clothes.  Now I’m missing winter again.  I’m all for the changing seasons, and I’d probably get bored living in a temperate climate, but part of me wishes that summer and winter wouldn’t outstay their welcomes the way they seem to do so often around here.  🙂