15 Riding Days ’til Christmas

After not working a single 5-day work week in November, I have 3 straight full weeks of work between now and the extended Christmas break, starting today.  Weather (and health) permitting, I’m hoping to turn that into 15 rides.

This morning was my first ride of the season that truly felt like winter.  It was sunny and in the upper 20s.  I rode around 17 miles, out to New Cut Rd. and through Patapsco State Park.  I wore a head band for the first time of the season.  There were a couple spots where my chin got cold (mainly going downhill) and I could have used a balaclava.  I did bring a balaclava, and almost stopped and put it on, but most of the ride was comfortable enough without it.

It’s been a bad autumn for jackets.  One of my main winter jackets is a Performance “Transformer” hi-vis shell with zip-off sleeves.  The zipper on one of the zip-off sleeves broke, and no longer engages, so the jacket is only good as a vest now.  It’s a cheap jacket, but all the same, it’s only 2 years old, so I’m a bit disappointed with it.  Over the break, I may dust off my sewing skills and try to see if I can replace the zipper.  In the meantime, I’m getting by by wearing the vest over an old dark green windbreaker, which works OK but adds an extra layer that I don’t always want.  On top of that, I lost my Marmot rain jacket last month.  Yesterday I went to our new REI and bought a Patagonia Torrentshell jacket to replace it.  It’s a similar jacket, maybe slightly better made, and it was also available in a brighter shade of green than the Marmot, which should help with visibility on the bike.  Based on the weather forecast, it’ll likely see its first action tomorrow.

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  1. Pearl Izumi and REI also have transformable jackets. Pearl Izumi’s is significantly more expensive than Performance’s version, at around $100, but based on the online reviews, it sounds like it has similar issues with flimsy zippers on the arms. REI’s version, the Novara Conversion jacket, runs $70 and is well-reviewed. If it comes time to buy a new one, I’ll likely check out the Novara.

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